Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Monitoring Resource Quota Utilization From the Command Line

Use the qquota command to view information about the current N1 Grid Engine resource quotas. The qquota command lists each resource quota that is being used at least once or that defines a static limit. For each applicable resource quota, qquota displays the following information:

The qquota command includes several options that you can use to limit the information to a specific host, cluster queue, project, parallel environments, resource or user. If you use no options, qquota displays information about resource sets that apply to the user name from which you invoke the command. For more information, see the qquota(1) man page.

Example 6–3 Sample qquota Command

The following example shows information about the resource quota sets that apply to user user1

$ qquota -u user1
resource quota    limit                filter
maxujobs/1         slots=5/20           -
max_linux/1        slots=5/5            hosts @linux
max_per_host/1     slots=1/2            users user1 hosts host2