Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Format of Default Request Files

The format of both the local and the global default request files is as follows:

Suppose a user's local default request file is configured the same as, the script in Example 4–2.

Example 4–2 Example of Default Request File

# Local Default Request File
# exec job on a sun4 queue offering 5h cpu
-l arch=solaris64,s_cpu=5:0:0
# exec job in current working dir

To run the script, the user types the following command:

% qsub

The effect of running the script is the same as if the user specified all qsub options directly in the command line, as follows:

% qsub -l arch=solaris64,s_cpu=5:0:0 -cwd

Note –

Like batch jobs submitted using qsub, interactive jobs submitted using qsh consider default request files also. Interactive or batch jobs submitted using QMON also take these request files into account.