Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Accounting and Usage Statistics (qacct)

You can use the qacct command to generate alphanumeric accounting statistics. If you specify no options, qacct displays the aggregate usage on all machines of the cluster, as generated by all jobs that have finished and that are contained in the cluster accounting file sge-root/cell/common/accounting. In this case, qacct reports three times, in seconds:

Several options are available for reporting accounting information about queues, users, and the like. In particular, you can use the qacct -l command to request information about all jobs that have finished and that match a resource requirement specification.

Use the qacct -j [job-id | job-name] command to get direct access to the complete resource usage information stored by the grid engine system. This information includes the information that is provided by the getrusage system call.

The -j option reports the resource usage entry for the jobs with job-id or with job-name. If no argument is given, all jobs contained in the referenced accounting file are displayed. If a job ID is specified, and if more than one entry is displayed, one of the following is true:

See the qacct(1) man page for more information.