Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Enabling the Reporting File

The reporting file contains the following types of data:

When the grid engine system is first installed, the reporting file is disabled. To use ARCo, you must enable the reporting file for the cluster. Once enabled, the reporting file will be generated by sge_qmaster. By default, the reporting file is located in sge-root/cell/common. You can change the default with the -reporting option of the dbwriter command.

For information about configuring the generation of the reporting file, see the reporting_params parameter of the sge_conf(5) man page, and the report_variables parameter of the host_conf(5) man page.

To enable the reporting file with QMON, on the Main Control window click the Cluster Configuration button, select the global host, and then click Modify.

On the Cluster Settings dialog box, click the Advanced Settings tab.

In the Reporting Parameters field, set the following parameters:

To enable the reporting file from the command line, use the qconf –mconf command to set the reporting_params attributes, as described in the preceding paragraph.

Once the reporting file is enabled, the dbwriter can read raw data from the reporting file and write it to the reporting database.

For more information about configuring the reporting file, see the reporting(5) man page. For complete details about installing and setting up ARCo, see Chapter 8, Installing the Accounting and Reporting Console, in Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Installation Guide.