Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Starting Shadow Master Hosts

To start a shadow sge_qmaster, the system must be sure either that the old sge_qmaster has terminated, or that it will terminate without performing actions that interfere with the newly-started shadow sge_qmaster.

In very rare circumstances, you might not be able to determine that the old sge_qmaster has terminated or that it will terminate. In such cases, an error message is logged to the messages log file of the sge_shadowds on the shadow master hosts. See Chapter 9, Fine Tuning, Error Messages, and Troubleshooting. Also, any attempts to open a tcp connection to a sge_qmaster daemon permanently fail. If this occurs, make sure that no master daemon is running, and then restart sge_qmaster manually on any of the shadow master machines. See Restarting Daemons From the Command Line.