Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

About Resource Quota Sets

Resource quota sets enable you to specify the maximum resource consumption for any job requests. Once you define the resource quota sets, the scheduler uses them to select the next possible jobs to be run by watching that the quotas will not be exceeded. The ultimate result of setting resource quotas is that only those jobs that do not exceed their resource quotas will be scheduled and run.

A resource quota set defines a maximum resource quota for a particular job request. All of the configured rule sets apply all of the time. If multiple resource quota sets are defined, the most restrictive set applies. Every resource quota set consists of one or more resource quota rules. These rules are evaluated in order, and the first rule that matches a specific request is used. A resource quota set always results in at most one effective resource quota rule for a specific request.

A resource quota set consists of the following information:

Example 6–1 Sample Resource Quota Set

The following example resource quota set restricts user1 and user2 to two gigabytes of free virtual space on each host in the host group lx_hosts.

        name         max_virtual_free_on_lx_hosts
        description  "resource quota for virtual_free restriction"
        enabled      true
        limit        users {user1,user2} hosts {@lx_host} to virtual_free=2g