Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Configuring Complex Resource Attributes From the Command Line

To configure the complex from the command line, type the following command with appropriate options:

% qconf options

See the qconf(1) man page for a detailed definition of the qconf command format and the valid syntax.

The following options enable you to modify the grid engine system complex:

The following command prints the current complex configuration to the standard output stream in the file format defined in the complex(5) man page:

% qconf -sc

A sample output is shown in the following example.

Example 3–1 qconf -sc Sample Output

#name      shortcut  type  relop  requestable   consumable  default  urgency
nastran    na        INT   <=     YES           NO          0        0
pam-crash  pc        INT   <=     YES           YES         1        0
permas     pm        INT   <=     FORCED        YES         1        0
#---- # start a comment but comments are not saved across edits -----------