Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Scheduler Monitoring

If the reasons why a job does not get started are unclear to you, run the qalter -w v command for the job. The grid engine software assumes an empty cluster and checks whether any queue that is suitable for the job is available.

Further information can be obtained by running the qstat -j job-id command. This command prints a summary of the job's request profile. The summary also includes the reasons why the job was not scheduled in the last scheduling run. Running the qstat -j command without a job ID summarizes the reasons for all jobs not being scheduled in the last scheduling interval.

Note –

Collection of job scheduling information must be switched on in the scheduler configuration sched_conf(5). Refer to the schedd_job_info parameter description in the sched_conf(5) man page, or to Changing the Scheduler Configuration With QMON.

To retrieve even more detail about the decisions of the scheduler sge_schedd, use the -tsm option of the qconf command. This command forces sge_schedd to write trace output to the file.