Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Default Load Parameters

By default, sge_execd periodically reports several load parameters and their corresponding values to sge_qmaster. These values are stored in the sge_qmaster internal host object, which is described in About Hosts and Daemons. However, the values are used internally only if a complex resource attribute with a corresponding name is defined. Such complex resource attributes contain the definition as to how load values are to be interpreted. See Assigning Resource Attributes to Queues, Hosts, and the Global Cluster for more information.

After the primary installation, a standard set of load parameters is reported. All attributes required for the standard load parameters are defined as host-related attributes. Subsequent releases of N1 Grid Engine 6.1 software may provide extended sets of default load parameters, therefore the set of load parameters that is reported by default is documented in the file sge-root/doc/load_parameters.asc.

How load attributes are defined determines their accessibility. By defining load parameters as global resource attributes, you make them available for the entire cluster and for all hosts. By defining load parameters as host-related attributes, you provide the attributes for all hosts but not for the global cluster.

Note –

Do not define load attributes as queue attributes. Queue attributes would not be available to any host nor to the cluster.