Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Configuring the Override Policy

Override scheduling enables a grid engine system manager or operator to dynamically adjust the relative importance of one job or of all jobs that are associated with a user, a department, a project, or a job class. This adjustment adds tickets to the specified job, user, department, project, or job class. By adding override tickets, override scheduling increases the total number of tickets that a user, department, project, or job has. As a result, the overall share of resources is increased.

The addition of override tickets also increases the total number of tickets in the system. These additional tickets deflate the value of every job's tickets.

You can use override tickets for the following two purposes:

Override tickets that are assigned directly to a job go away when the job finishes. All other tickets are inflated back to their original value. Override tickets that are assigned to users, departments, projects, and job classes remain in effect until the administrator explicitly removes the tickets.

The Policy Configuration dialog box displays the current number of override tickets that are active in the system.

Note –

Override entries remain in the Override dialog box. These entries can influence subsequent work if they are not explicitly deleted by the administrator when they are no longer needed.

Configuring the Override Policy With QMON

At the bottom of the QMON Policy Configuration dialog box, click Override Policy. The Override Policy dialog box appears.

Dialog box titled Override Policy. Shows category list
and category members. Shows Refresh, Apply, Done, and Help buttons.

Override Category List

Select the category for which you are defining override tickets: user, project, department, or job.

Override Table

The override table is scrollable. It displays the following information:

QMON periodically updates the information that is displayed in the Override Policy dialog box. Click Refresh to force the display to refresh immediately.

To save all override changes that you make, click Apply. To close the dialog box without saving changes, click Done.

Changing Override Configurations

Click the jagged arrow above the override table to open a configuration dialog box.

Configuring the Override Policy From the Command Line

Note –

You can assign override tickets to jobs only using QMON. No command line interface is available for this function.

To configure the override policy from the command line, use the qconf command with the appropriate options.