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Oracle Solaris Modular Debugger Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Document Information


1.  Modular Debugger Overview

2.  Debugger Concepts

3.  MDB Language Syntax

4.  Using MDB Commands Interactively

5.  Built-In Commands

6.  Execution Control

7.  Kernel Execution Control

8.  Kernel Debugging Modules

9.  Debugging With the Kernel Memory Allocator

10.  Module Programming API

A.  MDB Options

B.  Notes

C.  Transition From adb and kadb

Command-Line Options


Watchpoint Length Specifier

Address Map Modifier


Deferred Breakpoints

x86: I/O Port Access

D.  Transition From crash


Address Map Modifier

The adb(1) commands to modify segments of the virtual address map and object file map are not present in MDB. Specifically, the /m, /*m, ?m, and ?*m format specifiers are not recognized or supported by MDB. These specifiers were used to manually modify the valid addressable range of the current object and core files. MDB properly recognizes the addressable range of such files automatically, and updates the ranges when a live process is being debugged, so these commands are no longer necessary.