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Oracle Solaris Modular Debugger Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Modular Debugger Overview

2.  Debugger Concepts

3.  MDB Language Syntax

4.  Using MDB Commands Interactively

Command Reentry

Inline Editing

Keyboard Shortcuts

Output Pager

Signal Handling

5.  Built-In Commands

6.  Execution Control

7.  Kernel Execution Control

8.  Kernel Debugging Modules

9.  Debugging With the Kernel Memory Allocator

10.  Module Programming API

A.  MDB Options

B.  Notes

C.  Transition From adb and kadb

D.  Transition From crash


Output Pager

MDB provides a built-in output pager. The output pager is enabled if the debugger's standard output is a terminal device. Each time a command is executed, mdb pauses after each screenful of output is written and displays a pager prompt:

>> More [<space>, <cr>, q, n, c, a] ?

The following key sequences are recognized by the pager:


Display the next screenful of output.

a, A

Abort the current top-level command and return to the prompt.

c, C

Continue displaying output without pausing at each screenful, until the current top-level command is complete.


Display the next line of output.

q, Q, ^C, ^\

Quit (abort) the current dcmd only.