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Oracle Solaris Modular Debugger Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Modular Debugger Overview

2.  Debugger Concepts

3.  MDB Language Syntax

4.  Using MDB Commands Interactively

5.  Built-In Commands

6.  Execution Control

7.  Kernel Execution Control

8.  Kernel Debugging Modules

Generic Kernel Debugging Support (genunix)

Kernel Memory Allocator

Kernel Memory Allocator Dcmds

Kernel Memory Allocator Walkers

File Systems

File Systems Dcmds

File Systems Walkers

Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory Dcmds

Virtual Memory Walkers

CPU Structures and the Kernel Dispatcher

CPU and Dispatcher Dcmds

CPU and Dispatcher Walkers

Device Drivers and DDI Framework

Device Driver Dcmds

Device Driver Walkers





Networking Dcmds

Networking Walkers

Files, Processes, and Threads

Files, Processes, and Threads Dcmds

Files, Processes, and Threads Walkers

Synchronization Primitives

Synchronization Primitives Dcmds

Synchronization Primitives Walkers


Cyclics Dcmds

Cyclics Walkers

Task Queues

Task Queues Dcmds

Task Queues Walkers

Error Queues

Error Queues Dcmds

Error Queues Walkers

System Configuration

System Configuration Dcmds

Interprocess Communication Debugging Support (ipc)

Interprocess Communication Dcmds

Interprocess Communication Walkers

Loopback File System Debugging Support (lofs)

Loopback File System Dcmds

Loopback File System Walkers

Internet Protocol Module Debugging Support (ip)

Internet Protocol Dcmds

Internet Protocol Walkers

Kernel Runtime Link Editor Debugging Support (krtld)

Kernel Runtime Link Editor Dcmds

Kernel Runtime Link Editor Walkers

USB Framework Debugging Support (uhci)

USB Host Controller Dcmds

USB Host Controller Walkers

USB Framework Debugging Support (usba)

USB Framework Dcmds

USB Framework Walkers

x86: x86 Platform Debugging Support (unix)

x86 Platform Dcmds

x86 Platform Walkers

SPARC: sun4u Platform Debugging Support (unix)

sun4u Platform Dcmds

sun4u Platform Walkers

9.  Debugging With the Kernel Memory Allocator

10.  Module Programming API

A.  MDB Options

B.  Notes

C.  Transition From adb and kadb

D.  Transition From crash


SPARC: sun4u Platform Debugging Support (unix)

These dcmds and walkers are specific to the SPARC sun4u platform.

sun4u Platform Dcmds

[ address ] ::softint

Display the soft interrupt vector structure at the specified address, or display all the active soft interrupt vectors. The pending count, PIL, argument, and handler function for each structure is displayed.


Display trap trace control records. The trap trace facility is available only in DEBUG kernels.

[ cpuid ] ::ttrace [-x]

Display trap trace records in reverse chronological order. The trap trace facility is available only in DEBUG kernels. If an explicit dot value is specified, this is interpreted as a CPU ID number, and the output is restricted to the buffer from that CPU. If the -x option is specified, the complete raw record is displayed.

[ address ] ::xc_mbox

Display the cross-call mailbox at the specified address, or format all the cross-call mailboxes that have pending requests.


Format and display cross-call trace records in reverse chronological order that are related to CPU cross-call activity. The cross-call trace facility is available only in DEBUG kernels.

sun4u Platform Walkers


Iterate over the soft interrupt vector table entries.


Iterate over the trap trace record addresses in reverse chronological order. The trap trace facility is only available in DEBUG kernels.


Iterate over the mailboxes used for CPU handshake and cross-call (x-call) requests.