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Linker and Libraries Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Introduction to the Oracle Solaris Link Editors


Static Executables

Runtime Linking

Related Topics

Dynamic Linking

Application Binary Interfaces

32-Bit Environments and 64-Bit Environments

Environment Variables

Support Tools

2.  Link-Editor

3.  Runtime Linker

4.  Shared Objects

5.  Application Binary Interfaces and Versioning

6.  Support Interfaces

7.  Object File Format

8.  Thread-Local Storage

9.  Mapfiles

A.  Link-Editor Quick Reference

B.  Versioning Quick Reference

C.  Establishing Dependencies with Dynamic String Tokens

D.  Direct Bindings

E.  System V Release 4 (Version 1) Mapfiles

F.  Linker and Libraries Updates and New Features



Link-editing takes a variety of input files, typically generated from compilers, assemblers, or ld(1). The link-editor concatenates and interprets the data within these input files to form a single output file. Although the link-editor provides numerous options, the output file that is produced is one of four basic types.

These output files, and the key link-editor options used in their creation, are shown in Figure 1-1.

Dynamic executables and shared objects are often referred to jointly as dynamic objects. Dynamic objects are the main focus of this document.

Figure 1-1 Static or Dynamic Link-Editing

Link-editor output files, and the key link-editor options used to create them.

Static Executables

The creation of static executables has been discouraged for many releases. In fact, 64–bit system archive libraries have never been provided. Because a static executable is built against system archive libraries, the executable contains system implementation details. This self-containment has a number of drawbacks.

Beginning with the Solaris 10 release, the OS no longer includes 32–bit system archive libraries. Without these libraries, specifically libc.a, the creation of a static executable is no longer achievable without specialized system knowledge. Note, that the link-editors ability to process static linking options, and the processing of archive libraries, remains unchanged.