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Developer's Guide to Oracle Solaris Security     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Oracle Solaris Security for Developers (Overview)

2.  Developing Privileged Applications

3.  Writing PAM Applications and Services

4.  Writing Applications That Use GSS-API

5.  GSS-API Client Example

6.  GSS-API Server Example

GSSAPI Server Example Overview

GSSAPI Server Example Structure

Running the GSSAPI Server Example

GSSAPI Server Example: main() Function

Acquiring Credentials

Checking for inetd

Receiving Data From a Client

Accepting a Context

Unwrapping the Message

Signing and Returning the Message

Using the test_import_export_context() Function

Cleanup in the GSSAPI Server Example

7.  Writing Applications That Use SASL

8.  Introduction to the Oracle Solaris Cryptographic Framework

9.  Writing User-Level Cryptographic Applications and Providers

10.  Introduction to the Oracle Solaris Key Management Framework

A.  Sample C-Based GSS-API Programs

B.  GSS-API Reference

C.  Specifying an OID

D.  Source Code for SASL Example

E.  SASL Reference Tables

F.  Packaging and Signing Cryptographic Providers



Chapter 6

GSS-API Server Example

This chapter presents a walk-through of the source code for the gss-server sample program.

The following topics are covered: