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Oracle Solaris 11 Express Distribution Constructor Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Document Information

1.  Introduction to the Distribution Constructor

2.  Design and Build Oracle Solaris Images

3.  x86: Design and Build a Virtual Machine

What is a Virtual Machine?

What is the Final Product?

System Requirements for Building Virtual Machines

How to Build a Virtual Machine

Get an AI Boot Image

Providing a Boot Image

Optional: Customize Build Specifications

Build the Virtual Machine

Troubleshooting During the Build

Further Information

A.  Custom Finalizer Scripts, Examples

System Requirements for Building Virtual Machines

In order to build a virtual machine, you must have the following set up on your host system.

Table 3-1 System Requirements Table

40 GB Disk space
To use the default distribution constructor and the default manifests, you need about 40 GB of free disk space in the ZFS dataset on the host system where the Virtual Machine image will be built. The actual space needed depends in part on how many packages that you choose to install in the image.
4 GB Memory
You need about 4 GB memory on the host system in order to run a VirtualBox guest, the operating system, and the distribution constructor. That total includes about 1GB for running the Virtual Machine, and about 3 GB for running the operating system and the distribution constructor.
Oracle Solaris release
Install the x86 Oracle Solaris operating system (OS) on the host system.

The Oracle Solaris release version on your system must be the same as the release version of the AI images that you use with the distribution constructor.

Note - To run the distribution constructor on your system, you will need to assume the root role by executing the su - command.

Network access
The distribution constructor makes use of an automated installer (AI) image and an AI client manifest in order to perform an installation inside the Virtual Machine. The host system running the distribution constructor needs to have network access to an IPS repository, such as, that is specified in the AI client manifest.

You can use the default AI client manifest, or you can provide a custom AI client manifest as described in Optional: Customize Build Specifications. By creating a custom AI client manifest, you can change installation specifications such as defining a particular installation target or modifying the list of packages to be included in the operating system.

VirtualBox, version 3.0.12
You must have VirtualBox installed on the host system.
distribution-constructor package
Install the most recent copy of the distribution-constructor package, which contains the distribution constructor application, on the host system.

Note - You can use the Package Manager tool to install the required package. The Package Manager is available on the menu bar on the desktop of the Oracle Solaris operating system. On the menu bar, go to System>Administration>Package Manager.

Alternately, use IPS commands such as the following to install this package:

# pkg install distribution-constructor