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Managing Boot Environments With Oracle Solaris 11 Express     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Document Information

1.  Introduction to Boot Environments

2.  Using beadm Utility (Tasks)

Listing Existing Boot Environments and Snapshots

How to Display Information About Your Boot Environments, Snapshots, and Datasets

Creating a Boot Environment

How to Create a Boot Environment

How to Create a Boot Environment From an Inactive Boot Environment

Taking a Snapshot of a Boot Environment

How to Create a Snapshot of a Boot Environment

Using an Existing Snapshot

How to Create a Boot Environment From an Existing Snapshot

Changing the Default Boot Environment

How to Activate an Existing Boot Environment

Mounting and Updating an Inactive Boot Environment

How to Mount a Boot Environment

Unmounting Boot Environments

How to Unmount an Existing Boot Environment

Destroying a Boot Environment

How to Destroy an Existing Boot Environment

Creating Custom Names for Boot Environments

How to Rename a Boot Environment

3.  beadm Zones Support

4.  Appendix: beadm Reference

Chapter 2

Using beadm Utility (Tasks)

You can use the beadm utility to create and manage snapshots and clones of your boot environments.

Note the following distinctions relevant to boot environment administration:

Note - You must assume the root role on your system to use the beadm utility.

For detailed instructions about the beadm utility, see the beadm(1M) man page. See also Chapter 4, Appendix: beadm Reference.