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System Administration Guide: Basic Administration     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Managing User Accounts and Groups (Overview)

2.  Managing User Accounts and Groups (Tasks)

3.  Introduction to Shutting Down and Booting a System

4.  Shutting Down and Booting a System (Overview)

5.  Shutting Down a System (Tasks)

6.  Modifying Oracle Solaris Boot Behavior (Tasks)

7.  Booting an Oracle Solaris System (Tasks)

8.  Troubleshooting Booting an Oracle Solaris System (Tasks)

9.  Managing the Oracle Solaris Boot Archives (Tasks)

10.  x86: GRUB Based Booting (Reference)

11.  Managing Services (Overview)

12.  Managing Services (Tasks)

Managing Services (Task Map)

Monitoring SMF Services

How to List the Status of a Service

How to Show Which Services Are Dependent on a Service Instance

How to Show Which Services a Service Is Dependent On

Managing SMF Services (Task Map)

Managing SMF Services

Using RBAC Rights Profiles With SMF

How to Disable a Service Instance

How to Enable a Service Instance

How to Restart a Service

How to Restore a Service That Is in the Maintenance State

How to Revert to Another SMF Snapshot

How to Create an SMF Profile

How to Apply an SMF Profile

Changing Services Offered to the Network with generic*.xml

Configuring SMF Services

How to Modify a Service

How to Change an Environment Variable for a Service

How to Change a Property for an inetd Controlled Service

How to Modify a Command-Line Argument for an inetd Controlled Service

How to Convert inetd.conf Entries

Using Run Control Scripts (Task Map)

Using Run Control Scripts

How to Use a Run Control Script to Stop or Start a Legacy Service

How to Add a Run Control Script

How to Disable a Run Control Script

Troubleshooting the Service Management Facility

Debugging a Service That Is Not Starting

How to Repair a Corrupt Repository

How to Boot Without Starting Any Services

How to Force a sulogin Prompt If the system/filesystem/local:default Service Fails During Boot


Chapter 12

Managing Services (Tasks)

This chapter covers the tasks required to manage and monitor the Service Management Facility (SMF). In addition, information that is related to managing run level scripts is provided. The following topics are covered: