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System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Part I About Naming and Directory Services

1.  Naming and Directory Services (Overview)

2.  The Name Service Switch (Overview)

Part II DNS Setup and Administration

3.  DNS Setup and Administration (Reference)

Related Materials

Migrating From BIND 8 to BIND 9

DNS and the Service Management Facility

Implementing rndc

The rndc.conf Configuration File

Differences in the Control Channels

Commands of BIND 9 rndc

BIND 9 Commands, Files, Tools, and Options

BIND 9 Tools and Configuration Files

Comparison of BIND 8 and BIND 9 Commands and Files

Descriptions of Command and Option Changes

The named.conf Options

Statements in BIND 9

The Controls Statement

The Zone Statement

The ACL Statement

The Key Statement

The Trusted-Keys Statement

The Server Statement

The Include Statement

Summary of the named.conf Options

Multicast DNS and Service Discovery

Multicast DNS

Service Discovery

Administering mDNS

mDNS Deployment

Enable mDNS

Edit nsswitch.conf

Review Errors or Messages

mDNS and dns-sd Tool

Part III NIS Setup and Administration

4.  Network Information Service (NIS) (Overview)

5.  Setting Up and Configuring NIS Service

6.  Administering NIS (Tasks)

7.  NIS Troubleshooting

Part IV LDAP Naming Services Setup and Administration

8.  Introduction to LDAP Naming Services (Overview/Reference)

9.  LDAP Basic Components and Concepts (Overview)

10.  Planning Requirements for LDAP Naming Services (Tasks)

11.  Setting Up Sun Java System Directory Server With LDAP Clients (Tasks)

12.  Setting Up LDAP Clients (Tasks)

13.  LDAP Troubleshooting (Reference)

14.  LDAP General Reference (Reference)

15.  Transitioning From NIS to LDAP (Overview/Tasks)

Part V Active Directory Naming Service

16.  Setting Up Oracle Solaris Active Directory Clients



DNS and the Service Management Facility

The DNS/BIND named service can be managed by using the Service Management Facility (SMF). For an overview of SMF, refer to Chapter 11, Managing Services (Overview), in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration. Also refer to the svcadm(1M), svcs(1), and svccfg(1M) man pages for more details. Also review the DNS server manifest, server.xml, in /var/svc/manifest/network/dns.

While it is recommended that you use svcadm to administer the server, you can use rndc as well. SMF is aware of the state change of the BIND 9 named service, whether administered by using svcadm or rndc.

Note - SMF will not be aware of the BIND 9 named service if the service is manually executed from the command line.