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Oracle Solaris 11 Express Release Notes     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Document Information


1.  Installation Issues

Accessibility Information

Oracle Solaris Desktop Accessibility

Documentation Accessibility

General Information

Initial Root Password After Live CD Installation

Oracle Solaris IPS Repository

Upgrading to the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Release

How to Upgrade to the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Release

Renaming of Packages (6186)

First Packaging Operation After Upgrade Removes Hundreds of Empty Packages (14507)

Installation Bugs

Users Created During Text Installation Can End Up With an Incorrect Password (6998650)

Installation Fails on the SAS JBOD Device (11999)

x86: Live CD Installation Might Hang on Certain Systems (16216)

SPARC: Text Installer Unusable on Systems Equipped With XVR-2500 Graphics Cards (6961487)

Renaming a Busy Boot Environment Might Fail (1685)

Automated Installer Fails If ZFS Pool rpool Exists on the System (3783)

Distribution Constructor Does Not Recognize ZFS File System Mount Points for Build Areas (3947)

Only the First GRUB menu.lst Entry of the Source Boot Environment Is Created When You Create a New Boot Environment (4061)

Exception Message Generated by the Distribution Constructor Upon Successful Termination (4589)

Creating Multiple Pools With the Same Name Confuses the ZFS Boot Process (5270)

installadm create-service Should Have an Option to Specify IP Address Passed to DHCP Config (6922)

setup-service lookup and delete-service dns-sd Fail If the Service Name Length Is Longer Than 59 Characters (7802)

Automated Installation Fails If Slice 0 Is Configured on a Client With Less Than 8 Gigabytes of Disk Space (8575)

x86: DM_CTYPE Attribute Is Set to unknown for SATA Controllers Handled by the sata Driver (6558646)

Automated Installer Manifests Are Installed World-Readable (15362)

Upgrade Bugs

Migrating an ncrs Attached Driver to the glm Driver

image-update Results in Driver Removal of Policy Warnings (9568)

Driver Action Gets Confused by driver_aliases Entries Not Covered by an Action (10630)

image-update Produces Warnings About the etc/sma/snmp/mibs Directory (10778)

Missing xfs Service Causes inetd Errors After You Upgrade From OpenSolaris 2009.06 (11602)

Upgrade to the Latest Release With Little Spare Memory Fails (9388)

Zones Cloned by Using zoneadm clone Can Cause a Snapshot Name Collision When You Activate a Boot Environment (10990)

2.  Runtime Issues

3.  Documentation Issues

4.  End-of-Software Support Statements

Accessibility Information

Our goal is to make Oracle products, services, and supporting documentation accessible, with good usability, to the disabled community.

Oracle Solaris Desktop Accessibility

Applications and utilities in the Oracle Solaris Desktop incorporate accessibility features to enable people with disabilities to use the software easily and efficiently. Users with physical disabilities such as low vision or impaired motor skills can use all of the functionality of the Oracle Solaris Desktop, thanks to customization tools that enable you to adjust the appearance and behavior of the desktop.

The GNOME Desktop Accessibility Guide describes the accessibility features of the Oracle Solaris Desktop in detail. To access this guide while working with the Oracle Solaris Desktop, choose System in the main menu bar, then choose Help. In the Help window that appears, the GNOME Desktop Accessibility Guide is listed on the right side. Click the book title link to display an HTML version of the guide.

You can also search for individual accessibility topics through the Help Search field.

Documentation Accessibility

Our documentation includes features that make information available to users of assistive technology. The product documentation is available in HTML format and contains markup to facilitate access by the disabled community. For more information, visit the Oracle Accessibility Program web site at