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Oracle Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Overview of Solaris Web-Based Enterprise Management

2.  Using the CIM Object Manager

3.  Using the Sample Programs

4.  Writing a Client Program

5.  Writing WBEM Queries

6.  Writing a Provider Program

7.  Creating JavaBeans Components Using the MOF Compiler

8.  Administering Security

9.  Troubleshooting

Viewing Log Data Through Log Viewer

How to Start the Solaris Management Console Application and Log Viewer

About WBEM Error Messages

Parts of an Error Message

WBEM Error Messages

A.  Solaris Schema


About WBEM Error Messages

The CIM Object Manager (CIMOM) generates error messages that are used by both the Managed Object Format (MOF) compiler and CIM Workshop. The MOF compiler appends a line to the error message that indicates the line number in which the error occurs in the .mof file.

Note - For more information on the MOF compiler, see the mofcomp(1M) man page.

Parts of an Error Message

An error message consists of the following parts:

Example 9-1 Parts of an Error Message

The MOF compiler returns the following error:

REF_REQUIRED = Association class CIM_Docked needs at least two refs. 
Error in line 12.