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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Upgrade and Migration Guide 11 g Release 1 (
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Document Information


1.  Upgrading and Migrating to Directory Server Enterprise Edition to Version 11g Release 1 (

Upgrade and Migration Paths

Part I Patching Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7 to 11g Release 1 (

2.  Patching Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7 to Version 11g Release 1 (

Part II Upgrading Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6 to 11g Release 1 (

3.  Upgrading Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6 to Version 11g Release 1 (

Part III Migrating Directory Server Enterprise Edition 5.2 to Version 11g Release 1 (

4.  Overview of the Migration Process for Directory Server

5.  Automated Migration Using the dsmig Command

6.  Migrating Directory Server Manually

7.  Migrating a Replicated Topology

8.  Architectural Changes in Directory Server Since Version 5.2

9.  Migrating Directory Proxy Server

Mapping the Global Configuration

Mapping the Global Security Configuration

Managing Certificates

Access Control on the Proxy Configuration

Mapping the Connection Pool Configuration

Mapping the Groups Configuration

Mapping the Group Object

Mapping the Network Group Object

Mapping Bind Forwarding

Mapping Operation Forwarding

Mapping Subtree Hiding

Mapping Search Request Controls

Mapping Compare Request Controls

Mapping Attributes Modifying Search Requests

Mapping Attributes Restricting Search Responses

Mapping the Referral Configuration Attributes

Mapping the Server Load Configuration

Mapping the Properties Configuration

Attribute Renaming Property

Forbidden Entry Property

LDAP Server Property

Load Balancing Property

Monitoring Backend Servers

Search Size Limit Property

Log Property

Mapping the Events Configuration

Mapping the Actions Configuration

Configuring Directory Proxy Server 11g Release 1 ( as a Simple Connection-Based Router

10.  Migrating Identity Synchronization for Windows


Mapping the Actions Configuration

Directory Proxy Server 5.2 supports only one action, specified by the ids-proxy-sch-ChangeGroupAction object class. This action enables you to configure Directory Proxy Server to change a client from one access group to another based on the evaluation of a rule. The action uses the multi-valued ids-proxy-con-to-group attribute to specify the groups to which the client can change.

Directory Proxy Server 11g Release 1 ( connection handlers provide this functionality. After being classified into a connection handler, a connection can be automatically reclassified into another connection handler. For example, if a client connects anonymously, the connection is allocated to the connection handler configured for anonymous connections. If the client later provides a bind DN on the same connection, the connection can be reallocated to another connection handler.

For information on how to configure this functionality in Directory Proxy Server 11g Release 1 (, see Creating, Configuring, and Deleting Connection Handlers in Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Administration Guide.