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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Upgrade and Migration Guide 11 g Release 1 (
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1.  Upgrading and Migrating to Directory Server Enterprise Edition to Version 11g Release 1 (

Upgrade and Migration Paths

Part I Patching Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7 to 11g Release 1 (

2.  Patching Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7 to Version 11g Release 1 (

Part II Upgrading Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6 to 11g Release 1 (

3.  Upgrading Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6 to Version 11g Release 1 (

Part III Migrating Directory Server Enterprise Edition 5.2 to Version 11g Release 1 (

4.  Overview of the Migration Process for Directory Server

5.  Automated Migration Using the dsmig Command

6.  Migrating Directory Server Manually

7.  Migrating a Replicated Topology

8.  Architectural Changes in Directory Server Since Version 5.2

Changes in the Administration Framework

Removal of the ServerRoot Directory

Removal of the o=netscapeRoot Suffix

Changes to ACIs

Changes in the ACI Scope

Changes in Suffix-Level ACIs

Command Line Changes

Changes to the Console

Password Policy

Changes to Plug-Ins

New Plug-Ins

Changes to the Plug-In API

Changes to the Installed Product Layout

Administration Utilities Previously Under ServerRoot

Binaries Previously Under ServerRoot/bin

Libraries and Plug-Ins Previously Under ServerRoot/lib

Online Help Previously Under ServerRoot/manual

Plug-Ins Previously Under ServerRoot/plugins

Utilities Previously Under ServerRoot/shared/bin

Certificate and Key Files

Silent Installation and Uninstallation Templates

Server Instance Scripts Previously Under ServerRoot/slapd-ServerID

Server Instance Subdirectories

9.  Migrating Directory Proxy Server

10.  Migrating Identity Synchronization for Windows


Changes to the Console

The downloaded, Java Swing-based console has been replaced by Directory Service Control Center (DSCC). DSCC is a graphical interface that enables you to manage an entire directory service by using a web browser. The DSCC requires no migration. Migrated Directory Server instances can be registered in the DSCC. For more information about the DSCC see Chapter 2, Directory Server Overview, in Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Reference.