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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Administration Guide 11g Release 1 (
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Part I Directory Server Administration

1.  Directory Server Tools

2.  Directory Server Instances and Suffixes

3.  Directory Server Configuration

Displaying the Configuration of Directory Server Instance

Modifying the Configuration Using DSCC

Modifying the Configuration From the Command Line

Modifying the dse.ldif File

Configuring Administration Users

To Create an Administration User with Root Access

To Configure the Directory Manager

Protecting Configuration Information

Changing Directory Server Port Numbers

To Modify a Port Number, Enable a Port, and Disable a Port

Configuring DSML

To Enable the DSML-over-HTTP Service

To Disable the DSML-over-HTTP Service

To Configure DSML Security

DSML Identity Mapping

To Define a New Identity Mapping for HTTP Headers

Setting the Server as Read-Only

To Enable or Disable the Server Read-Only Mode

Configuring Memory

Priming Caches

To Modify Database Cache

To Monitor Database Cache

To Monitor Entry Cache

To Modify Entry Cache

To Configure Heap Memory Threshold

Setting Resource Limits For Each Client Account

To Configure Search Limit

4.  Directory Server Entries

5.  Directory Server Security

6.  Directory Server Access Control

7.  Directory Server Password Policy

8.  Directory Server Backup and Restore

9.  Directory Server Groups, Roles, and CoS

10.  Directory Server Replication

11.  Directory Server Schema

12.  Directory Server Indexing

13.  Directory Server Attribute Value Uniqueness

14.  Directory Server Logging

15.  Directory Server Monitoring

Part II Directory Proxy Server Administration

16.  Directory Proxy Server Tools

17.  Directory Proxy Server Instances

18.  LDAP Data Views

19.  Directory Proxy Server Certificates

20.  Directory Proxy Server Load Balancing and Client Affinity

21.  Directory Proxy Server Distribution

22.  Directory Proxy Server Virtualization

23.  Virtual Data Transformations

24.  Connections Between Directory Proxy Server and Back-End LDAP Servers

25.  Connections Between Clients and Directory Proxy Server

26.  Directory Proxy Server Client Authentication

27.  Directory Proxy Server Logging

28.  Directory Proxy Server Monitoring and Alerts

Part III Directory Service Control Center Administration

29.  Directory Service Control Center Configuration


Chapter 3

Directory Server Configuration

This chapter describes how to configure Directory Server. You can use the dsconf command (see the dsconf(1M) man page).

You can also use Directory Service Control Center (DSCC), which is the preferred method. DSCC makes additional checks during the configuration process, which can minimize errors. In addition, DSCC enables you to copy the configuration of one server instance to another server instance. For more information about using DSCC, see the DSCC online help.