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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Evaluation Guide 11 g Release 1 (
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1.  Overview of Directory Server Enterprise Edition

2.  Service Manageability

3.  High Data Availability and Integrity

4.  Tuned for Performance

5.  Enhanced Security

6.  Managed Scalability

7.  Virtual Directory

Defining a Virtual Namespace Made Up of Multiple Sources

Access to JDBC Compliant Data Repositories

Access to Flat LDIF File Resources

Access to LDAP Resources

Aggregating Data Views to Create Virtual Entries

Mapping Attribute Names and Values

Where to Go From Here

8.  Synchronizing Directory Server With Windows Users and Groups

A.  Standards and RFCs Supported by Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Chapter 7

Virtual Directory

The virtual directory functionality provided by Directory Proxy Server enables you to aggregate different data into an LDAP view displayed to LDAP client applications. Data can be filtered or even changed, based on what the client application requires. Different applications can therefore have different virtual views of the same data. By providing a logical layer that presents the data in custom views, you can avoid changes to your underlying infrastructure and existing applications and can deploy more quickly.

This chapter provides an overview of the virtual directory features and covers the following topics: