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Oracle Hardware Management Pack 2.2 Release Notes
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Document Information

Updates in Oracle Hardware Management Pack 2.2

New Features

Platform Support Added and Removed

Issues Fixed

Finding Documentation for Hardware Management Pack

Supported Servers and Operating Systems

Installation Notes and Issues

Installing on Oracle Solaris 11 SPARC (7141897)

Install glibc.i686 for Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 Before Running the Installer (7045379)

Red Hat Installation Dependencies

Install Path Issues

Software Has Not Passed Windows Logo Testing Warning Message During Hardware Management Pack Installation (6981579)

Windows Service Pack Update Required

ILOM 3.0 and Windows Server 2003 R2

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Requires an Updated mpt2sas for the Sun StorageTek 6Gb/s SAS REM/HBA (6956482)

Known Issues and Notes for Software Release 2.2

Common Management Pack Known Issues

Storage Viewer Known Issues

Storage Viewer Shows RAID Volume on Multiple Controllers (7006475)


Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card FDOMs Not Visible in /STORAGE (6955698)

Concatenated RAID Volumes Not Reflected in ILOM CLI Using Windows (6900378)

Global Hot Spare for RAID 1 Volume Displayed as a Dedicated Hot Spare on Solaris (6877654)

The max_disks Property Is Incorrect When Using Adaptec Disk Controller (SGXPCIESAS-R-INT-Z) (6875715)

The write_cache_enabled Property Not Available for Adaptec Controllers (SGXPCIESAS-R-INT-Z) (6873660)

SNMP Agent Known Issues

FWupdate Known Issues

RAIDconfig Known Issues

BIOSconfig Known Issues

ILOMconfig Known Issues

IPMItool Known Issues

hwmgmtcli Known Issues

The write_cache_enabled Property Not Available for Adaptec Controllers (SGXPCIESAS-R-INT-Z) (6873660)

The write_cache_enabled property for RAID Volume is not available when using Sun Storagetek PCI-E SAS RAID HBA (SGXPCIESAS-R-INT-Z).