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Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications Configuration Guide for Informatica PowerCenter Users

Part Number E19039-01
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2 Overview of Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

This section includes an overview of how to configure Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.

2.1 High-Level Overview of Configuring Oracle BI Applications

This section provides a high-level overview of the tasks you must complete to configure Oracle BI Applications.

Note: Before you perform the tasks described in this section, you must install and set up Oracle BI Applications according to the instructions in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Installation Guide for Informatica PowerCenter Users.

High-Level Configuration Tasks

  1. Perform the tasks in Section 3.1, "Source-Independent Configuration Steps."

  2. Perform the tasks in one or more of the following sections, depending on the type of your source system or systems:

  3. Perform the tasks in one or more of the following sections depending on the applications you want to deploy:

  4. (Optional) Configure the Oracle BI Repository by following the tasks in Chapter 16, "Configuring the Oracle BI Repository."

  5. (Optional) Customize the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse ETL routines by following the tasks in Chapter 17, "Customizing the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse."