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Changing Database Connection Settings for P6

To change database connection settings for P6:

  1. Do one of the following:
  2. On the Setup and Configuration of the Primavera P6 Database dialog box, select the database type, SQL.
  3. On the Please enter the following information. . . dialog box:
    1. Specify the database connection parameters. Type your database user name (for example, pubuser) and password, the database name, host address, and host port. The database name, host address, and host port are specific to your Microsoft SQL Server installation. The Database Host Port field displays the default port for the database type you selected. You can edit this port.
    2. To use the SSL protocol to securely communicate between the P6 application server and the database server, select the SSL option. If you select the SSL option, you must specify an SSL-enabled port number in the Database Host Port field.


      • See the appropriate database server documentation and the My Oracle Support's Knowledge Articles for information on configuring SSL.
      • Using the SSL protocol will impact database performance.
    3. Ensure that the Public Group ID is 1 for a standard configuration.
  4. If there is an existing Primavera configuration, on the The installer has detected. . . dialog box, choose whether you want to use it, or create a new configuration.

    Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version of P6 against the same database, choose the option to create a new configuration. This is necessary to accommodate newly added configuration settings. See About the P6 Administrator application for more information about configurations.

    If there is no existing Primavera configuration, the The installer has detected. . . dialog box does not appear and the installation process automatically creates a default configuration named Primavera P6 Configuration. You can edit the settings for this configuration through the P6 Administrator application.

  5. When the message displays to confirm that the database configuration has completed successfully, click OK.
    1. On the End of Installation screen, click Exit.

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