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Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2) Installation Guide for Oracle VM     Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2) Documentation Library
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Introduction to Oracle VM Installation

Preparing for OS Installation

Connecting to the System Console

How to Erase Your Boot Hard Disk

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Installing Oracle VM

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How to Install Oracle VM Server

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Creating and Managing VM Resources

How to Install Oracle VM Manager

Before You Begin

If you are installing Oracle VM Server on an Oracle server, you can use Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) to install software using either a CD/ DVD or an ISO image mounted on a remote system. The remote console feature allows you to use the keyboard, mouse, video, and storage of the remote system as if it were connected to the server where you are installing the operating system. After the remote console session is configured, the server can boot from the remotely mounted distribution media (either a CD/DVD or equivalent ISO file).

  1. On a server running a supported operating system, insert and mount the Oracle VM Manager CD.

    For supported operating system information, refer to the Oracle VM Manager installation documentation at:

  2. Navigate to the root of the CD and run the following script:

    # sh

    Note - If you are not already the root user, use the su command and enter the root password to give yourself the necessary privileges to launch the install script.

  3. Follow the prompts to install the software.

    For additional steps, refer to the Oracle VM Manager installation documentation at: