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Sun Server X2-8 Product Documentation     Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2) Documentation Library
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Hardware Installation

Configuring the Preinstalled Solaris Operating System

Configuring the Preinstalled Oracle Solaris OS

Installation Worksheet

How to Connect to the Server Using the Server's IP Address

(Optional) How to Redirect the Console Output to the Video Port

How to Connect to the Server Using a Serial Capture Program

Oracle Solaris OS Information Products and Training

Operating System Installation

Administration, Diagnostics, and Service


How to Connect to the Server Using the Server’s IP Address

Before You Begin

Note - This procedure assumes that you have connected the server to your network through an Ethernet cable.

  1. If you have not already done so, determine the service processor’s IP address:
    1. Power on main power by pressing the Power button on the front panel.
    2. Start the BIOS setup utility by pressing the F2 key while the system is performing the power-on self-test (POST).
    3. When the BIOS main menu screen is displayed, select Advanced.
    4. When the Advanced screen is displayed, select IPMI 2.0 Configuration.

      When the IPMI 2.0 Configuration screen is displayed, select the LAN Configuration menu item.

    5. Select the IP Address menu item.

      The service processor’s IP address is displayed using the following format: Current IP address in BMC:

  2. Using a client system, establish a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to the service processor’s IP address:

    ssh -l root sp_ip_address

  3. Log in to the service processor as an administrator, for example:
    login: root
    password: changeme
  4. Start the Oracle ILOM console mode by typing the following:

    start /SP/console

    Note - If you have changed the default SP serial port settings, make sure you reset them to the default settings.

    Only accounts with Administrator privileges are enabled to configure the SP serial port. See the Oracle ILOM 3.0 documentation.

  5. Follow the onscreen prompts.
  6. Use the information gathered in the Installation Worksheet to help you enter the system and network information as you are prompted.

    The screens that are displayed vary, depending on the method that you chose for assigning network information to the server (DHCP or static IP address).

    After you have entered the system-configuration information, the server completes the boot process and displays the login prompt.

See Also

You can access the Oracle Solaris OS user documentation at: