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Sun Server X2-8 Product Documentation     Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2) Documentation Library
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Hardware Installation

Configuring the Preinstalled Oracle VM Software

How to Configure Oracle VM

Configuration Worksheets

Oracle VM Server Configuration Worksheet

Oracle VM Manager Configuration Worksheet

Getting Started With Oracle VM

How to Configure the VM Network Interfaces

Oracle VM Passwords

Operating System Installation

Administration, Diagnostics, and Service


Oracle VM Server Configuration Worksheet

Use the following table to collect the information you will need to configure the Oracle VM Server portion of the factory-installed Oracle VM software.

Table 2 Worksheet for Oracle VM Server Configuration

Information for Configuration
Description or Example
Your Answers
Oracle VM Server passwords
Choose a root password; there are no restrictions on the characters or length.
Oracle VM Agent
Choose an Oracle VM Agent password; password must be at least six characters.
Network interface
Supply the interface to be used to manage the server.
Network configuration
Static IP address
Supply the IP address for the server. A static IP address is required.


If the server is part of a subnet, supply the netmask of the subnet.


If the server is accessed through a gateway, supply the IP address of the gateway.
DNS server
Supply the IP address for the domain name server (DNS). One (and only one) DNS is required.
Supply the fully qualified domain name for the server.