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Sun Server X2-8 Product Documentation     Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2) Documentation Library
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Hardware Installation

Operating System Installation

Oracle Solaris Operating System

Introduction to Oracle Solaris OS Installation

Preparing for OS Installation

How to Erase Your Boot Hard Disk

Creating a Virtual Disk

How to Create a Virtual Disk

Installing Solaris OS

Solaris OS Installation Task Map

Choosing an Installation Method

Obtaining Solaris 11 Documentation

Obtaining Solaris 10 Documentation

Identifying Logical and Physical Network Interface Names for Solaris OS Installation

How to Identify Logical and Physical Network Interface Names

Administration, Diagnostics, and Service


Solaris OS Installation Task Map

The following table provides a task map for installing Solaris 10 8/11 or Solaris 11 on a Sun Server X2-8.

Set up your server.
Install your server hardware and configure the service processor.
Review the Sun Server X2-8 Product Notes.
The Product Notes contain late-breaking news about the Solaris OS software and patches.
Choose an installation method.
Choose an installation method and locate the installation instructions.
Locate the Solaris OS installation documentation.
The Solaris OS documentation included with your software contains most of what you need to know about installation.
Identify the logical names and the physical names of each network interface.
During the OS installation, you need to provide the logical names (assigned by the OS) and the physical name (MAC address) of each network interface.
Install any required OS patches.
Check for the latest OS patches.

Note - To get full Solaris FMA (Fault Management Architecture) capability for your server with Solaris 10 9/10 OS, you must install patch 144489-11 (or later) after the installation of the OS. This is not required for Solaris 10 8/11 or for Solaris 11.