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Sun Server X2-8 Product Documentation     Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2) Documentation Library
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Using This Documentation

Hardware Installation

Operating System Installation


Windows Server OS Installation Planning

Windows Installation Task Map

Windows Server Installation Methods

Preparing For Windows OS Installation

Supported Windows Operating Systems

Windows Server Installation Considerations

Selecting a Windows OS Media Delivery Method

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant (OHIA)

Task Overview

Obtaining OHIA

Downloading Server Software

How to Download Server Software

Configuring a Remote Console

How to Set Up an Oracle ILOM Remote Console

Creating a Virtual Disk

How to Create a Virtual Disk

Installing Windows Server

How to Install Windows Server 2008 R2

How to Install Windows Server 2012

How to Install Windows Server 2008 Using PXE

How to Install Windows Server 2012 Using PXE

Updating Critical Drivers and Installing Supplemental Software


Installing Critical Device Drivers

How to Install Server-Specific Device Drivers

Installing Supplemental Software

How to Install the Supplemental Software

Managing RAID Using the MegaRAID Storage Manager


Configuring Support for the Trusted Platform Module

Configuring Intel NIC Teaming

Incorporating Windows Server 2008 Device Drivers Into WIM Images for WDS

Location of Device Drivers on Tools and Drivers DVD

Device Drivers to Incorporate Into WIM Images

Prerequisites and Task Overview for the Device Driver WIM Images

Incorporating Drivers Into the WIM Image

How to Create an ImageUnattend.xml Setup Script

Map ImageUnattend.xml Setup Script to Windows Server 2008 Install Image

Downloading the ISO Image for the Tools and Drivers DVD

How to Download the ISO Image

Identifying Network Interfaces in Windows

How to Determine the Server's Active Network Data Ports

How to Confirm Physical Port MAC Addresses and Map Them to Windows Device Names

Administration, Diagnostics, and Service


How to Install the Supplemental Software

  1. Choose to install or not to install supplemental software.

    Choose one of the following, depending on the option previously selected:

    • Do Not Install Supplemental Software – If you selected not to install the supplemental software when you ran the procedure described inHow to Install Server-Specific Device Drivers, refer to that procedure and run it again, and this time accept the default settings in Step 3 (the default is to install the supplemental software), and select No in Step 8.

      You should always accept default installable items to ensure that the most recent versions of the drivers are installed.

    • Install Supplemental Software – If you selected to install supplemental software at the Server Installation Package dialog box in Step 3 of How to Install Server-Specific Device Drivers, and selected No (to not reboot your computer) in Step 8, the Install Pack Supplemental Software dialog box appears.

  2. Choose Typical or Custom.

    In the Install Pack Supplement Software dialog box, click Next to accept the Typical settings; or click Custom to choose the options to install. See descriptions of the supplemental software in Table 6.

    image:Graphic Showing Typical and Custom Choices Available in Installation Package.

    The Component Installation wizard guides you through the installation of each of the selected supplemental software components.

  3. After the supplemental software has been installed, click Finish.
  4. Click Yes at the System Setting Change dialog box to restart your system.
  5. If you ran the Sun Server Installation Package software from the Tools and Drivers DVD, remove the DVD from your system.

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Managing RAID Using the MegaRAID Storage Manager