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Deploying Oracle Java CAPS JMSJCA on WebLogic     Java CAPS Documentation
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1.  Deploying JMSJCA on WebLogic

Overview of Deploying JMSJCA on WebLogic

Using JMSJCA Adapter

Deploying JMSJCA on WebLogic

To Install WebLogic Server 10

To Start the WebLogic Server Administration Console

To Install a New Application or Module for Deployment Using the Console

To Create a JNDI Name for the Respective JMS Provider

Updating an Application

To Update an Application

Deleting an Application

To Delete an Application

Updating an Application

When you update an application, you can specify that WebLogic Server redeploy the original archive file or uncompressed directory, or you can specify that WebLogic Server deploy a new archive file in place of the original one. You can also change the directory that contains the deployment plan that is associated with the application. Update an application if you have made changes to the application and you want to make the changes available to WebLogic Server clients, or if you want to redeploy an entirely new archive file in a new location.

To Update an Application

  1. Click Lock & Edit in the Change Center to modify the settings for the sun-jms-adapter.
  2. Click Deployments from the Domain tree structure and navigate to the sun-jms-adapter.
  3. Click Update.
  4. On the Locate new deployment files page, choose any one of the following to update the chosen application according to new deployment plan.
    1. Update this application in place with new deployment plan changes

      Note - In this case, the Deployment plan path must be specified.

    2. Redeploy this application using the following deployment files

      In this case, both the Source path and the Deployment plan path are specified. This is the default selection.

      Note - In neither case, you can choose the path of your choice.

  5. Review your choices and click Finish to complete the update.