Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.14 Administration Guide

Restricting Server Access

When the Proxy Server evaluates an incoming request, access is determined based on a hierarchy of rules called access control entries (ACEs), and then matching entries are used to determine if the request should be allowed or denied. Each ACE specifies whether the server should continue to the next ACE in the hierarchy. The collection of ACEs is called an access control list (ACL).

Access control can be configured for access to the Administration Server and to specific resources within a server instance, such as files, directories, and file types. Access control to the Administration Server is configured from the Global Settings tab in the Administration Server. Access control for resources within a server instance is configured from the Preferences tab in the Server Manager. For more information about setting access control, see Chapter 8, Controlling Access to Your Server.

Note –

Distributed administration must be enabled before you can restrict server access. For more information, see Allowing Multiple Administrators.