Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.14 Administration Guide

Example #3 Searching the LDAP Database

The following example uses the CmapLdapAttr property to search the LDAP database for an attribute called certSubjectDN, whose value exactly matches the entire subject DN taken from the client certificate. This example assumes that the LDAP directory contains entries with the attribute certSubjectDN

certmap myco ou=My Company Inc, o=myco, c=USmyco:CmapLdapAttr certSubjectDNmyco:DNComps o, c myco:FilterComps mail, uid myco:verifycert on

If the client certificate subject is:

uid=Walt Whitman, o=LeavesOfGrass Inc, c=US

the server first searches for entries that contain the following information:

certSubjectDN=uid=Walt Whitman, o=LeavesOfGrass Inc, c=US

If one or more matching entries are found, the server proceeds to verify the entries. If no matching entries are found, the server uses DNComps and FilterComps to search for matching entries. In this example, the server searches for uid=Walt Whitman in all entries under o=LeavesOfGrass Inc, c=US.