Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.14 Administration Guide

Viewing Error Log Files

The error log file contains errors the server has encountered since the log file was created. The file also contains informational messages about the server, such as when the server was started. Unsuccessful user authentication is also recorded in the error log. Use the error log to find broken URL paths or missing files.

To view the Administration Server’s error log file, from the Administration Server, choose the Preferences tab, and click the View Error Log link.

To view a server instance’s error log file, from the Server Manager, choose the Server Status tab, and click the View Error Log link.

The following error log example contains three entries..

20/May/2005:14:08:37] info ( 6141): CORE1116: iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0 B05/10/2005 01:26 20/May/2005:14:08:37] info ( 6142): CORE3274: 
successful server startup 20/May/2005:14:08:37] security (23246): 
for host trying to GET /, deny-service reports:
 denying service of /