Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.14 Installation and Migration Guide

Overview of Changes in Proxy Server

When you migrate information from Proxy Server 3.6 to Proxy Server 4, changes are made in the following areas:

Table 3–1 Command line scripts

Command line scripts  



  • Starts a server instance.

  • Each server instance has its own start script.


  • Stops a server instance.

  • Each server instance has its own stop script.


Restarts a server instance. 


Dynamically reconfigures the server without restarting it. 


Rotates logs. 




  • Starts a SOCKS server instance.

  • Stops a SOCKS server instance.

  • Restarts a SOCKS server instance.

Table 3–2 Configuration files

Configuration files  


ACL files: 

  • generated-proxy-server-id.acl

  • genwork-proxy-server-id.acl

  • Location: install_dir/httpacl/

  • These provide access control lists to protect server resources.

  • May reference databases defined in dbswitch.conf

  • File names are specified in server.xml

  • During migration, the syntax of the ACL files from the 3.6 server-root/httpacl directory is converted to the new syntax and the ACL files are copied toserver-root/httpacl directory with the new instance name.


  • Location: install_dir/userdb/

  • Configures how a client certificate is mapped to an LDAP entry.

  • Not migrated.


  • Location: install_dir/userdb/

  • Provides a list of authentication databases, and is used to check group membership for access control.

  • If localdb was configured in the 3.6 installation, the corresponding entry in thedbswitch.conf file is not migrated.

  • If the LDAP server that was configured for the 3.6 installation is also configured for the Proxy Server 4 installation, the corresponding entry in thedbswitch.conf file is not migrated.


  • Location:install_dir/server-id/config

  • Copied, during migration, into the new server root directory.

  • Some magnus.conf directives that were supported in Proxy Server 3.6 are deprecated in Proxy Server 4.

  • Certain directives found in the Proxy Server 3.6 magnus.conf file are now located in the Proxy Server 4 server.xml file. During the migration process, these directives are automatically removed from the 3.6server’s magnus.conf file and added to the server.xml file.


  • Location: install_dir/server-id/config/

  • Contains mappings between Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) types and file extensions.

  • During migration, the mime.types file is not migrated from Proxy Server 3.6 and is set to the default in Proxy Server 4.


  • Location: install_dir/server-id/config/

  • Defines server plug-ins library initialization and server parameters and contains instructions for the server about how to handle requests from clients.

  • During migration, Proxy Server 4 loads built-in load module functions from the new installation directory while custom modules continue to be loaded from the old installation directory.


  • Location: install_dir/server-id/config/

  • Contains most of the server configuration.

  • During migration, the server.xml file is created in the new Proxy Server 4 instance and contains information from the following files:

    - magnus.conf

    - obj.conf

    File cache parameters are set to default values in the FILECACHE element of the server.xml file.


  • obj.conf.clfilter

  • magnus.conf.clfilter

  • server.xml.clfilter

  • Location: install_dir/server-id/config/

  • The obj.conf.clfilter and magnus.conf.clfilter are copied during migration.

  • The server.xml.clfilter is created.

  • access log

  • error log

  • socks log

During migration, new logs are created.