Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.14 Installation and Migration Guide

ProcedureSteps for installing Proxy Server on UNIX

  1. Download the installation file from and save it in a temporary directory in your Solaris SPARC, x86, or Linux system. The installation file is in the format:


  2. Change to the directory on your UNIX system where you copied the file. For example:

    cd /tmp/Sunproxyinstallable

  3. Unzip the .gz file by using the gunzip command in this format:

    gunzip filename.tar.gz

  4. Untar the unzipped file using the tar -xvf command in this format:

    tar -xvf filename.tar

    This command unpacks the server files and creates a temporary directory structure under the current directory. Unpacking the file may take a little time. When the files are unpacked, you will see a /ProxyServer directory and the following files:


      • LICENSE.txt

      • README.txt

      • setup

        You can run the setup program in the GUI, CLI, or silent mode.