Setting Up E-Mail Sources

An e-mail source enables users to search e-mail messages on an IMAP server. The following procedures identify the basic steps for setting up an e-mail source using the Oracle SES Administration GUI. For more information on each page, click Help.

To create an e-mail source: 

  1. On the Home page, select the Sources secondary tab to display the Sources page.

  2. For Source Type, select E-mail.

  3. Click Create to display the Create E-Mail Source page.

  4. Complete the following fields. Click Help for additional information.

    • Source Name: Name that you assign to this table source.

    • IMAP Server: Address of the IMAP server, such as

    • Archive: Directory where crawled messages are stored.

    • Self Service : Enabled to prompt users for their credentials, or Disabled to provide credentials for a single user on this page.

  5. Click Create.

  6. Follow the steps for crawling and indexing a source in "Getting Started Basics for the Oracle SES Administration GUI".

E-Mail Attributes

Oracle SES crawls and searches these search attributes.

  • Author

  • Title

  • Subject

  • Language

  • LastModifiedDate