Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Components

Oracle SES includes the following components:

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Administration GUI

The Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Administration GUI enables you to manage and monitor Oracle SES components using a browser-based interface. These are among the tasks that you perform:

  • Define sources and crawling scope

  • Configure the search application

  • Monitor crawl progress and search quality

  • Customize search results

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Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Crawler

Oracle SES uses a crawler to collect data from the sources. The Oracle SES crawler is a Java process activated by a schedule. When activated, the crawler spawns a configurable number of processor threads that fetch information from various sources and index the documents. This index is used for searching sources.

The crawler maps links and analyzes relationships. Whenever the crawler encounters embedded non-HTML, or non-textual documents during the crawling, it automatically detects the document type, and filters and indexes the document.

Figure 1-1 shows the crawler in relation to other Oracle SES components and a variety of data sources.

Figure 1-1 Crawler Collecting Information for Oracle SES

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Description of "Figure 1-1 Crawler Collecting Information for Oracle SES"

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search APIs

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search provides several APIs. For example, with the Web Services API, you can integrate Oracle SES search capabilities into your search application. You can also customize the default Oracle SES ranking to create a more relevant search result list for your enterprise or configure clustering for customized applications.

The Crawler Plug-in API enables you to create a custom secure crawler plug-in (or connector) to meet your requirements. The Document Service API accepts input from documents and performs some operation on it. For example, you could create a document service for auditing or to show custom metatags.