Accessing Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console on Oracle SES

The Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console is a Web browser-based user interface that displays the current status of the Oracle SES middle tier. For example, the Home page shows a graph of the Response and Load, and the Performance page shows a graph of the Heap Usage.

The Application Server Control Console is installed and configured automatically with WebLogic. Because the Oracle SES middle tier runs in the embedded standalone Oracle WebLogic Server, the Administration Console is started by default when Oracle SES is started.

To access the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console:  

  1. Enter the following URL in a Web browser, replacing host:port with the host name and port for Oracle SES:


  2. Log in as the weblogic user with your Oracle SES administrator password.

See Also:

for detailed documentation related to Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console


In previous releases, the base path of Oracle SES was referred to as ORACLE_HOME. In Oracle SES release 11g, the base path is referred to as ORACLE_BASE. This represents the Software Location that you specify at the time of installing Oracle SES.

ORACLE_HOME now refers to the path ORACLE_BASE/seshome.

For more information about ORACLE_BASE, see "Conventions".