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1 Interoperability Scenarios and Considerations

Part I Console Help for Oracle Service Bus

2 Introduction to Oracle Service Bus

3 Change Center

4 Working with Projects, Folders, and Resources

5 XML Schemas

6 Alert Destinations


8 JARs

9 MQ Connections

10 Split-Joins

11 XQuery Transformations

12 Custom WS-Policies

13 JCA Bindings

14 XML Documents

15 XSL Transformations

16 MFLs

17 Service Accounts

18 Service Key Providers

19 Business Services: Creating and Managing

20 Proxy Services: Creating and Managing

21 Proxy Services: Message Flow

22 Proxy Services: Actions

23 Proxy Services: XQuery and XPath Editors

24 Proxy Services: Error Handlers

25 Security Configuration

26 Monitoring

27 Configuration

28 Reporting

29 Import/Export


31 Global Resources

32 Customization

33 Test Console

Part II User Guide

34 Introduction to the User Guide

35 Starting Oracle Service Bus Servers

36 Configuring Proxy Services and Business Services

37 Modeling Message Flow in Oracle Service Bus

38 Improving Service Performance with Split-Join

39 Message Context

40 Using the Test Console


42 Extensibility Using Java Callouts and POJOs

43 XQuery Implementation

Part III Operations Guide

44 Introduction to the Operations Guide

45 Roles in Oracle Service Bus

46 Monitoring Oracle Service Bus at Run Time

47 Reporting

48 Managing Endpoint URIs for Business Services

49 Execution Tracing

50 Throttling

51 Managing Operational Settings Using Smart Search

52 User Preferences

Part IV Appendix

A Error Codes

B Debugging Oracle Service Bus

C Oracle Service Bus APIs

D JMX Monitoring API

E SNMP Components

F Monitoring Statistics in Oracle Service Bus

G Auditing your Oracle Service Bus System

H XQuery-SQL Mapping Reference

I Interoperability with WSRP