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Defines the set of types (beans) that are harvested. The WLDF framework allows the harvesting of all designated server-local Weblogic Server runtime MBeans, and most customer MBeans that are registered in the local server's runtime MBean server. Configuration MBeans cannot be harvested.

Security rolesThe following roles have read, write, and invoke permission for all non-encrypted attributes and operations in this MBean:
  • Deployer
Fully Qualified Interface NameIf you use the getMBeanInfo operation in MBeanTypeServiceMBean, supply the following value as this MBean's fully qualified interface name:
Factory Methods No factory methods. Instances of this MBean are created automatically.


This section describes the following attributes:


Specifies whether this type is enabled. Note that enabling a type will have no effect unless the Harvester component is also enabled.

A true value means that this type is harvested. A false value indicates that that this type is not harvested.

Privileges Read/Write
Default Valuetrue


The harvested attributes for this type. If a list of attributes is provided, only those attributes are harvested; otherwise all harvestable attributes are harvested.

Privileges Read/Write
Typeclass java.lang.String[]


The harvested instances of this type.

The configuration of a type can optionally provide a set of identifiers for specific instances. If this list is provided, only the provided instances are harvested; otherwise all instances of the type are harvested.

The identifier for an instance must be a valid JMX ObjectName or an ObjectName pattern.

Privileges Read/Write
Typeclass java.lang.String[]


Specifies whether this type is known at startup. Normally, if a type is not available, the Harvester will keep looking for it. If a type is designated as "known", the Harvester issues a validation fault if the type cannot be immediately resolved.

A true value means that this type is known. A false value indicates that this type may not be known.

This flag is useful for WebLogic Server types, where the type information is always available. In this case, setting the flag to true results in earlier detection and reporting of problems.

This flag is optional, but is recommended for WebLogic Server types.

Privileges Read/Write


The type name. For WebLogic Server runtime MBeans, the type name is the fully qualified name of the defining interface. For customer MBeans, the type name is the fully qualified MBean implementation class.

Privileges Read/Write


The namespace for the harvested type definition.

Privileges Read/Write
Default ValueServerRuntime
Legal Values
  • ServerRuntime
  • DomainRuntime