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Use the Change Center

The Administration Console Change Center provides a way to lock a domain configuration so you can make changes to the configuration while preventing other accounts from making changes during your edit session.

The domain configuration locking feature is always enabled in production domains. It can be enabled or disabled in development domains. It is disabled by default when you create a new development domain. See Enable and disable the domain configuration lock.

When locking is enabled, you start the edit process by obtaining a lock. When you finish making changes, you save the changes. The changes do not take effect, however, until you activate them, distributing them to all server instances in the domain.

The configuration change lock does not prevent you from making conflicting configuration edits using the same administrator user account. For example, if you obtain a configuration change lock using the Administration Console, and then use the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) with the same user account, you will access the same edit session that you opened in the Administration Console and you will not be locked out of making changes with the WLST.

Note: Oracle recommends against this because when one of the sessions activates their changes, it releases the lock and the other session will not be able to save or activate their changes.

To make any changes using the Console, you must:

  1. Locate the Change Center in the upper left corner of the Administration Console.
  2. Click Lock & Edit to lock the editable configuration hierarchy for the domain.

    This enables you to make changes using the Administration Console.

  3. Make the changes you desire on the relevant page of the Console and click Save on each page where you make a change.
  4. When you have finished making all the desired changes, click Activate Changes in the Change Center.

After you finish

Some changes you make in the Administration Console take place immediately when you activate them. Other changes require you to restart the server or module affected by the change. These latter changes are called non-dynamic changes. Non-dynamic changes are indicated in the Administration Console with a warning icon.

Note: If an edit is made to a non-dynamic configuration setting, no edits to dynamic configuration settings will take effect until after you restart the server.

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