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1 Introduction to Administering Discoverer

Part I Administering Discoverer with Multidimensional Datasources

2 Administering Discoverer Systems that Access Multidimensional Data Sources

Part II Administering Discoverer with Relational Datasources

3 Introduction to Administering Discoverer with a Relational Data Source

4 Creating and Maintaining End User Layers

5 Creating and Maintaining Business Areas

6 Creating and Maintaining Folders

7 Controlling Access to Information

8 Scheduling Workbooks

9 Maintaining Items and Item Classes

Part III Introduction to Administering Discoverer

10 Creating and Maintaining Joins

11 Creating and Maintaining Calculated Items

12 Creating and Maintaining Conditions

13 Creating and Maintaining Hierarchies

14 Managing Summary Folders

15 Creating Summary Folders Manually

16 Additional Information about Summary Folders

17 Using Discoverer with Oracle Applications

18 Using Discoverer with Components of Oracle Fusion Middleware

19 EUL Status Workbooks

20 Predicting Query Performance

21 Discoverer Registry Settings

22 Discoverer Command-line Interface

23 Discoverer Support for Non-Oracle Databases and Oracle Rdb

24 Upgrading the EUL from Earlier Versions of Discoverer

Part IV Reference Information

25 Dialog Reference

26 Using SQL Files and Trace Files

27 Installing the Discoverer Sample Data EUL, Data, and Workbook

A Discoverer Administrative Account Information

B Discoverer EUL Trigger Information