Edit Worksheet dialog

Use this dialog to change how the currently displayed worksheet looks and behaves. You can:

  • change which items are displayed, their position on the worksheet, and how they look

  • create, edit, and remove worksheet items such as conditions, calculations, exceptions, percentages, totals, and parameters.

Note: For more information about maximizing Discoverer performance, see "About designing workbooks for maximum performance".

This dialog is also displayed as:
Duplicate as Table dialog
Duplicate as Crosstab dialog
Worksheet Wizard dialog
Workbook Wizard dialog

For more information about tabs on this dialog, see:

"Edit Worksheet dialog: Worksheet Layout tab"

"Edit Worksheet dialog: Select Items tab"

"Edit Worksheet dialog: Crosstab Layout tab"

"Edit Worksheet dialog: Table Layout tab"

"Edit Worksheet dialog: Sort tab"

"Edit Worksheet dialog: Parameters tab"


Use this button to display the Worksheet Properties dialog. Use the Worksheet Properties dialog to specify:

Show SQL

Use this button to display the SQL Inspector dialog, which shows the underlying SQL code for the current worksheet that Discoverer uses to extract data from the database. For more information about SQL, see "Using SQL".