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Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
Release 11g (11.1.1)
Part Number E13880-02
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Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher


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Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher Administration

Starting and Stopping BI Publisher
About the Administration Page
Flow of Tasks for First Time Setup of BI Publisher
About Integration with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
About the Security Model Options
About the Data Source Connections
About Report Delivery Destinations
About Setting Runtime Configuration Properties
About the Server Configuration Settings

Configuring Security

Configuring Oracle Fusion Middleware Security Model

Understanding the Security Model
      Key Security Elements
      Permission Grants and Inheritance
      Default Security Configuration
Managing Authentication
Managing Authorization
Managing Credentials
Customizing the Default Security Configuration
      Configuring a New Authentication Provider
      Configuring a New Policy Store and Credential Store Provider
      Customizing the Policy Store

Alternative Security Options

About Alternative Security Options
Understanding BI Publisher's Users, Roles, and Permissions
About Privileges to Use Functionality
About Catalog Permissions
How Functional Privileges and Permissions Work Together
About Access to Data Sources
Configuring Users, Roles, and Data Access
Security and Catalog Organization
Configuring BI Publisher to Use an LDAP Provider
Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory
Configuring Single Sign-On
Configuring BI Publisher to Use Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Single Sign-On
Setting Up Oracle Single Sign-On

Other Security Topics

Enabling a Local Superuser
Enabling a Guest User
Configuring BI Publisher for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Communication
Configuring Proxy Settings

Integrating with Other Oracle Security Models

Before You Begin: Create a Local Superuser
Integrating with Oracle BI Server Security
Integrating with Oracle E-Business Suite
Integrating with Oracle Database Security
Integrating with Oracle Siebel CRM Security

Implementing a Digital Signature

Prerequisites and Limitations
Implementing a Digital Signature
Running and Signing Reports with a Digital Signature

Administering Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

Configuring the Scheduler

Understanding the BI Publisher Scheduler
Set Up Considerations
About the Scheduler Configuration
Configuring Processors and Processor Threads
Adding Managed Servers
Scheduler Diagnostics

Configuring Server Properties

Setting the Path to the Configuration Folder
Configuring the Catalog
Setting General Properties
Setting Server Caching Specifications
Setting Retry Properties for Database Failover

Setting Up Data Sources

Overview of Setting Up Data Sources
Setting Up a JDBC Connection to Your Data Source
Setting Up a Database Connection Using a JNDI Connection Pool
Setting Up a Connection to an LDAP Server Data Source
Setting Up a Connection to an OLAP Data Source
Setting Up a Connection to a File Data Source
Viewing or Updating a Data Source

Setting Up Integrations

Configuring Integration with Oracle BI Presentation Services

Setting Up Delivery Destinations

Configuring Delivery Options
Adding a Printer or Fax Server
Adding an E-mail Server
Adding a WebDAV Server
Adding an HTTP Server
Adding an FTP Server
Adding a Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) Server

Defining Runtime Configurations

Setting Runtime Properties
PDF Output Properties
PDF Security Properties
PDF Digital Signature Properties
RTF Output Properties
HTML Output Properties
FO Processing Properties
RTF Template Properties
PDF Template Properties
Flash Template Properties
CSV Output Properties
Excel 2007 Output Properties
All Outputs
Defining Font Mappings
Defining Currency Formats

Diagnostics and Performance Monitoring in Oracle BI Publisher

Diagnosing and Resolving Issues in Oracle BI Publisher
      About Diagnostic Log Files
Configuring Log Files
Viewing Log Messages
About Performance Monitoring and User Auditing
Enabling Monitoring
Viewing the Audit Log
Configuring an Audit Repository
Using BI Publisher to Create Audit Reports from Your Audit Repository
Viewing Performance Statistics in the MBean Browser

Adding Translations for the BI Publisher Catalog and Reports

Exporting and Importing a Catalog Translation File
Template Translation
Using the Localized Template Option

Moving Catalog Objects Between Environments

Preparing to Use the BI Publisher Catalog Utility
Exporting BI Publisher Reporting Objects
Importing BI Publisher Reporting Objects
Generating Translation Files and Checking for Translatability

Setting Up Print Servers

Print Server Options for BI Publisher
Setting Up CUPS
Setting UP Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) on Windows

Scheduler Configuration Reference

Configuring BI Publisher for ActiveMQ
Manually Configuring the Quartz Scheduler

Integration Reference for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

About Integration
Configuring BI Publisher to Use the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog
Configuring Integration with Oracle BI Presentation Services
Setting Up a JDBC Connection to the Oracle BI Server

Configuration File Reference

BI Publisher Configuration Files
Setting Properties in the Runtime Configuration File
Font Definitions
Predefined Fonts