This image shows the parallel participant type selected in the Type list. To the right is the Label field.

Below this is the Vote Outcome section. A table with the following columns appears: Voted Outcomes (Any is selected), Outcome Type (By Percentage is selected), and Value (50 is selected). Up, Down, Add, and Delete icons appear to the upper right of the table.

Below this is the Default Outcome drop-down list, Immediately trigger voted outcome when minimum percentage is met radio button, Wait until all votes are in before triggering outcome radio button, and Share attachments and comments checkbox.

Below that is the Participant List section. In this section is the Build a list of participants using list. Names and expressions is selected in the list. Below this is the Specify attributes using list. Value-based (selected) and Rule-based are the two selections. Below this is the Participant Names table, which includes columns for Identification Type, Data Type, and Value. Add and Delete icons appear in the upper right part of this section.