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Part I General Configuration

1 Introduction to Oracle WebLogic Communication Services

2 Shared Configuration Tasks

3 Configuring SIP Servlet Container Properties

4 Managing Network Resources

5 Administering Security Features

6 Configuring SIP Data Tier Partitions and Replicas

7 Provisioning Users With Sash

8 Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Part II Configuring Presence

9 Configuring Presence and Presence Web Services

Part III Configuring Diameter

10 Configuring Diameter Client Nodes and Relay Agents

Part IV Oracle User Messaging Services

11 Configuring Oracle User Messaging Service

12 Monitoring Oracle User Messaging Service

13 Managing Oracle User Messaging Service

Part V Confiding SIP Infrastructure Applications

14 Configuring SIP Infrastructure Applications

Part VI Deploying Oracle WebLogic Communication Services

15 Oracle WebLogic Communication Services Base Platform Topologies

16 Deployment Topologies for Communication Services

17 Upgrading Deployed SIP Applications

18 Parlay X Web Services Architecture

Part VII Reference

A SIP Servlet Container Configuration Reference

B SIP Data Tier Configuration Reference

C Diameter Configuration Reference

D Startup Command Options

E Supported Platforms, Protocols, RFCs and Standards

F Using Oracle WebLogic Communication Services Export/Import

G Deploying a Scalable Presence Deployment